Carolle Partington
Communication Expert


Carolle was born in Manchester, England, where she started her professional life as a computer programmer for I.C.L. More than 20 years ago she discovered the new profession of Image. She trained as a Colour Analyst and Image Consultant with House of Colour, U.K.'s premier Image Consultancy. Having passed her Professional Excellence Certificate (the highest level in image consultancy), she then qualified as a trainer, to prepare new consultants.

In Spain she was a pioneer in the field of Personal Image and combines her work there where she is based, with regular visits to the UK. Carolle has a vast international experience having worked in The United States, South America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait and Pakistan.

Acknowledged as the image expert she has written articles for international publications such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and is a contributing journalist for a British newspaper in Spain.

Carolle has always believed that image courses should be practical. They should teach people how to look more attractive as well as saving time and money, a priceless skill especially important in these difficult times.

Her speciality for professionals is the importance of using image for efficient communication.

This is aspect is the key to her work with leading communication companies. In presentations the verbal content and professional messages must be coherent with the personal presentation of the speaker. A previous consultation makes sure that the photographs filed represent the appropriate messages for future press releases that also transmit the charisma of the subject.

Summary of recent professional activities:

She has given professional Training Courses to Associations and Organisations such as:

The Spanish Federation of Business Organisations

The Spanish Federation of Official Chambers of Commerce

Instituto de Empresa (Business School)

FUNDESEM (Business School)

Master in Business: University of Seville, University of Puerto Rico

European School of Management

The Spanish National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE)

The Miguel Hernandez University

The Spanish Department of Education and Culture

The Spanish Association of Businesswomen

The Spanish Association of Communications and Public Relations

The Spanish National Employment Institute

The British Chamber of Commerce

The Institute for Tourist Development

The Spanish Press Association

Madrid 2016 Olympic Bid Team

She is also highly recommended by the Corporate Clients she has worked with such as: