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Knowing that you look good, whatever the occasion, gives you the self-confidence to relax, so you are able to concentrate one hundred percent on the job or enjoy the social event.

At the same time, we improve your shopping skills – saving time and money. Even those of you, for whom this is a chore, can learn to maximise your time and feel satisfied with the clothes you buy.


Improved self-esteem More self-confidence More charisma Save time and money Reassessment instead of self-criticism Less items of clothing but more to wear No more problems of combining colours or outfits

Our wardrobes should contain one-third of what they do now but actually result in three times more clothes to wear. The best and most natural thing to do is to dress who we are and what we are, whether it be blond or dark, angular or curved, strong personality or discreet, so balancing the essence of ourselves with our clothes. If the clothes are appropriate and belong to us they will always make us feel comfortable.

This knowledge gained in these courses will bring enormous benefits both social-economic and psychological, which will enhance the rest of your lives.

Individual Analysis

Each person is completely different. We need to take three factors into consideration to define that person.

Genetic Colouring Silhouette or proportion (body shape) Personality

The combination of the correct colour, shape and style of each garment or accessory results in an efficient wardrobe which highlights the owner’s personality.

Colour Analysis

The information about colour and form we use is based on the studies of Johannes Itten and Walter Gropius, professors of the famous Bauhaus. Their research showed that each one of us has a subjective perception of colour and form. A perception which is directly related to our visible, personal appearance. Our colour analysis technique is adapted from these studies by House of Colour (

Body Shape

Most people think in terms of too much, too little, or in the wrong place, when assessing their own bodies. We analyse the body using geometric shapes to represent the face and torso. This information, together with an analysis of proportion, gives us the basis of the perfect design for clothes, hairstlyes and accessories.


Clothes are an outer manifestation of the inner person. When the outside is in harmony with the inside, there is a sense of well-being and comfort instead of a feeling of being in fancy dress. As the personality is invisible, an abstract factor, we relate it to a style of dress.