Carolle Partington
Communication Expert


The power of non-verbal communication

I trained as an Image consultant in the U.K. when it was a completely new profession and I still think it's fascinating!

I work with private clients (both professional and non), give professional courses (often within Presentation, Protocol or Sales training) as well as preparing new image consultants. This is not just a 'woman thing' in fact I work less with women than with men!

I don't 'change' you. As we know, you can't change anybody. They change if and when they want to. I teach you to look at yourself to recognise your assets, then encourage you and support you if you do want to change.

Over the last few years I have changed my method of working from the more traditional way to a simpler more efficient method. I work only by comparison and elimination. This method has logic it's objective it's not a subjective point of view or my own personal taste.

Defining the colours, shapes and styles that suit you and making a list is impossible as the options are infinite. Instead we can see what definitely is less favourable and THAT is possible to define and eliminate.

Then I can pick out the SUPER colours, shapes and styles. Instead of having a fixed list of rules, you have guidelines. This way is more flexible and as you get more confident you can experiment and develop your own individual style.

The ideal process is:

A personal analysis (colour / shapes / style) - information that is always valid and then if appropriate a professional assessment.

A wardrobe audit (what works, does not work and how to make do) and a little shopping. This ideally is repeated every 6 months with the change of season. Gradually you have less clothes but more to wear and a good basic wardrobe that just needs an injection of small details to keep it up-to-date.

I have worked all over the world and this has given me a unique insight into global business and dress. The more experience I have, the more I realise that the basic elements do not change. Everyone wants to save time, money (or earn more) and look more attractive.

In fact, in these difficult times we can't afford to buy a complete new wardrobe every 6 months or waste money buying clothes we never wear!

Time spent with me will enable you to recycle your wardrobe save money and look AMAZING!